Mission-Driven FQHC Talent... for Less.

Qualified management recruitment for community health centers.

The 330Talent Difference

  • Dedicated exclusively to the hiring needs of the community health center industry.
  • Every candidate goes through a proprietary FQHC Readiness Assessment and is rated accordingly.
  • Run by industry professionals and former FQHC leaders who know the FQHC world.
  • Our unique model allows you to acquire quality talent for less, much less than you pay today.


FQHCs are transforming. As health centers begin the move from fee-for-service to alternative payment models, the demands for talent increase. Transform the way you acquire talent.


FQHCs are a unique model of care. Our business model is unique and allows you to acquire top talent at a fraction of the high-fee, old-school methods still in use today.


FQHCs are stewards of the public trust. Every dollar matters. As financial pressures mount with uncertainties in Medicaid funding, 330 funding, and other concerns, your agency benefits by paying less for talent acquisition costs without sacrificing quality.


FQHCs are the communities you serve. You know your patients and your community partners. Our “Live True Be You” fund is designed to return a portion of our profits back to the communities from which they came.

Want a Lower Cost Alternative to Full-Service Recruiting?

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TalentFlash and TalentFlash Advantage deliver high-quality FQHC candidate profiles to your email inbox – from CEOs to front-desk managers and every title in between. Upgrade from our free TalentFlash to our TalentFlash Advantage membership to access our database of candidates and pay less per hire!

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Email Notification of Available Talent Every other Tuesday Within hours of our interview
Number of Candidates Limited to 5 each email All candidates we Interview
24/7 Access to “The Motherlode” Not available Included with Membership
Cost of Membership FREE $350 per month
Cost to Hire $9,500 per candidate $7,500 per candidate
TalentKeeper Program Not available Exclusive access
TalentBox Not available Included with Membership
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