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330Talent Partners with Telehealth Service Leader to Increase Availability of Eye Care Services to Federally Qualified Health Center  (FQHC) Patients  

Collaboration is expected to enhance access, improve outcomes, and increase  patient satisfaction. 

NEWINGTON, CT: Jun 21, 2024330Talent, a recruitment and consulting firm to the  community health center industry, announces a collaborative partnership with  DigitalOptometrics, a leader in tele-optometry solutions, to increase the availability of comprehensive eye care services to patients of FQHCs across the country. 

A Synergistic Collaboration 

The collaboration between 330Talent and DigitalOptometrics will enhance the operational  efficiency and service delivery of FQHCs. By combining 330Talent’s industry knowledge with  DigitalOptometrics’ cutting-edge tele-optometry technology, FQHCs can expect: 

  • Increased Access to Vision Care: Seamlessly integrate comprehensive eye care into  their existing services, reaching more patients. 
  • Improved Health Outcomes: Early detection and management of eye-related diseases  such as diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, and hypertension. 
  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction: Provide high-quality, accessible eye care that meets  the needs of underserved populations. 

Eyecare’s role in prevention of serious health issues 

Eyecare is extremely important when it comes to overall health. Problems spotted in the eye  are often the first signs of disease lurking elsewhere.1 An eye exam can detect more than 270  serious health conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases and  cancers.2  

However, recent statistics show nearly 97% of the FQHC population is not receiving eyecare  services despite the number of people using FQHCs tripling since 2000 (1 in 11 Americans use  them for their healthcare needs).3 There simply aren’t enough available Optometrists to meet  the needs of that population and federal rules only specify FQHCs must provide primary  healthcare services – not eyecare services. 

Expanding Access and Improving Outcomes in FQHCs 

DigitalOptometrics’ innovative platform enables remote, real-time comprehensive eye exams,  making eye care more accessible to patients in urban, suburban, and rural areas. By integrating  advanced video conferencing and remotely operated ophthalmic equipment, DigitalOptometrics ensures that patients receive thorough eye exams and accurate prescriptions, regardless of  geographical or provider access constraints. 

330Talent’s Expertise and Unique Approach 

Rob Rioux, 330Talent founder and CEO, and his team are set to amplify the benefits of  comprehensive eye exams by providing guidance and support to the DigitalOptometrics team as  they bring their vision solutions to the FQHC movement.  

“There are pivotal moments in your career when you realize the moment you are in will  dramatically change someone’s life for the better. This is one of them. Patients will be better  served and that is what we all want. An added benefit of this solution is the positive impact to  the health center. They will now be able to offer a service that they otherwise would have had to  forgo due to a lack of provider availability. This increases volume, improves quality metrics, and  adds new revenue to an often-complicated financial position.  

“Our role in this partnership allows us to bring our 35 years of combined experience in the  FQHC movement to assist Dr. Fried and his team. We are honored to serve as trusted advisors  in the FQHC space.” 

Rioux, an FQHC industry veteran, brings a wealth of experience from his years of executive  leadership in the non-profit community health space as well as with several Fortune 50  companies. He started 330Talent to specifically address the unique challenges faced by FQHCs in workforce related issues and in business operations. His firm stands out for its consultative  approach, ensuring a deep understanding of the specific needs and culture of each health  center. 

About 330Talent: Founded by Rob Rioux, 330Talent is a niche recruitment and consulting firm  that specializes in connecting top-tier talent with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs).  The firm’s consultative approach, combined with its proprietary “FQHC Readiness Assessment  Tool,” ensures that FQHCs receive highly qualified and mission-aligned candidates. Learn more  at  

About DigitalOptometrics: DigitalOptometrics is a software technology solution that enables  doctors to expand their coverage and increase patient access to eye healthcare. Working with  in-office technicians, licensed optometrists use high-definition video conferencing and remotely operated ophthalmic equipment to conduct quality comprehensive eye health and visual exams  in real-time from a remote location. The subjective findings are followed by delivering an  accurate prescription within minutes of the exam conclusion. Learn more at

For inquiries or further information, please contact: 

Rob Rioux 
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
330Talent LLC 
Phone: (860) 200-8758 

Howard S. Fried, O.D. 
DigitalOptometrics LLC 
Phone: (516) 243-8575 

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