Prequalified FQHC Talent…
For Less

330Talent is a niche recruiting firm focused solely on helping community health centers find the highest-quality talent…for less. How? By tapping into our extensive FQHC experience, using a unique candidate assessment process, and making our fee structure work for you!

Why 330Talent

  • We are you. We come from the FQHC world and we know this business.
  • Our fees are less than traditional firms. Our flat-fee model is designed to save you money.
  • All of our candidates are scored using our proprietary FQHC Readiness Assessment tool. No other firm has this tool.
  • We are a small recruiting firm focused solely on recruiting for Federally Qualified Health Centers.
  • We provide a risk-free framework. You only pay our fee if you select one of our candidates.
  • We value confidentiality. We handle numerous confidential searches and have built a reputation for discretion.

The Positions We Fill

Whatever your need, we can help!

Examples of Recently Filled Positions:
  • Chief Financial Officer, Nebraska
  • Chief Operations Officer, Georgia
  • Revenue Cycle Manager, Massachusetts
  • Chief Financial Officer, Texas
  • Human Resources Director, Texas
  • Controller, Florida
  • Chief Operations Officer, Alabama

At 330Talent, we do things differently.

  • You only pay if you hire a candidate we submitted – there is no risk!
  • You only pay a flat fee. Unlike other recruiting firms, we do not charge a fee based on a salary we negotiate. We don’t think that is ethical.
Position/Level330 Talent Flat FeeTraditional “Old School” Recruiting – 25% fee on typical salaryYour Savings with 330Talent
Chief Executive Officer$37,500$250,000 x 25% = $62,500You save $25,000
Medical Providers$27,500$200,000 x 25% = $50,000You save $22,500
C-Suite$24,500$150,000 x 25% = $37,500You save $13,000
All Other Positions$19,500$100,000 x 25% = $25,000You save $5,500
Prices effective April 3, 2023

How are you able to charge such a reasonable fee?

The question really should be, “Why do others charge so much?” Our pricing structure is based on our ability to manage our costs through technology and low overhead.

Plus, we believe it’s the right thing to do. With lower fees, health centers can put more money into raises for staff, new hires, or programs.