Your health center employees are your most important asset. Invest in them.

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Employee Development

Your health center employees are your most important asset. Invest in them and they in turn, will invest in you. Show them your true intent of helping them become the best they can be.

330Talent offers a host of options to help you develop your employees. Our team of FQHC professionals is skilled in organizational development, training, team building, mentoring, and coaching.

Is your patient-facing staff in need of customer service training? 

Our customer service training is specifically designed for FQHCs and the challenges health centers face now that patients have more choice in their care decisions.

Are your supervisors and managers struggling with performance management? Do they lack key management skills?

With decades of FQHC and real-world management experience our team is uniquely qualified to unpack your challenges and create sustainable solutions that fit your culture and your budget.

Are there one or two employees who could benefit from a third-party intervention?

Perhaps a one-on-one coach, experienced in all facets of employee development, is the answer to your employee performance issue. Invest a little to save a lot – the cost of employee turnover is always more than you think.

Do you have a problem and just aren’t sure what the solution is?  

Call us for a no obligation consultation. Your talent matters - this is why we are here.

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