Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a recruiting firm?

Yes. 330Talent is a full-service recruiting firm that specializes in the community health / FQHC industry. We help health centers across all states by finding high-quality talent with experience in the community health industry.

What positions do you recruit for?

We recruit for all positions including C-suite leadership positions, Directors, and clinical staff. Our focus is the community health center industry and we source talent from coast to coast.

Why should we use your firm?

We believe using our firm gives you three distinct advantages.

First, our firm is the only recruiting firm that specializes exclusively in the community health industry.

Second, our firm is owned and operated by individuals with extensive experience in community health. We have been in leadership roles and have intimate experience in all aspects of the industry.

And lastly, our business model is designed specifically to support community health centers by setting a pricing structure that is responsible and fair. We charge a reasonable fee not based on salary. This allows health centers to put the savings on recruiting costs back into their health centers to support programs or other priorities.

What is your fee structure?

With TalentFlash, we charge a flat-fee of $9,500 for placing a candidate in your health center -  regardless of salary.

If you have a TalentFlash Advantage membership, our flat-free drops to $7,500.

How can you offer such a competitive price?


The question really should be, “why do others charge so much?” Our pricing structure is based on our ability to manage our costs through technology and low overhead.

We are small firm with a focused attention on one industry. We are not trying to be more than what we are. We have particular experience and knowledge of community health and this allows us to keep our costs low and manageable.

Plus, we believe it’s the right thing to do. With lower fees, health centers can put more money into raises for staff, new hires, or programs.

Why do you donate part of your profits to food insecurity?


My leadership role at a health center afforded me the opportunity to learn a lot about the community we served.

One of the most impactful things I discovered was the struggle people had with food security. There were many instances where I met patients who weren’t sure where their next meal was coming from. This has troubled me from my earliest days in community health. I promised to do something about it once I was in a position to do so.

Our program, “Live True, Be You” is my way of giving back to the communities I have come to love. A portion of our profits are donated to the communities from which our business is generated to support food insecurity programs.

I’m a job seeker. How can you help me?

Our firm is in contact with health centers all across this country. If you are in community health and are looking for a new opportunity, simply send us your resume and we’ll put our skill and knowledge to help you land that next great job.