Health center leaders are uniquely challenged to balance business requirements with the desire to fulfill the mission of their health center, while meeting the expectations of their community-based advocates.

The challenges are numerous, from staffing, to revenue, to competition, to compliance, to state and federal policy – the list is long. We often wonder how we will manage it all while still upholding our commitments to the communities we serve.

We sometimes need help, even if that help is simply having confidential access to someone who has been through similar pains and experiences.

Safe/Space Advisory is:
  • An emotionally safe place to be heard, and to engage with a trusted guide.
  • A place to have frank, open conversations about your challenges and your aspirations.
  • An opportunity to gain external perspective and personal insight and learn from my FQHC leadership journey.

Typical Engagements

Boards of Directors

Boards of Directors hire me to provide guidance and support to their health center Chief Executive Officer to help them through a difficult situation or challenge.

Chief Executive Officers

Health center CEOs hire me to provide guidance and support to one or more of their direct reports to assist them with a particular leadership issue, performance challenge, or difficult issue or situation.

C-Suite Members

Health center leaders recognize that bench strength is a real challenge in community health. They hire me to coach and mentor a subordinate at the Manager or Director level who they believe shows promise for succession planning. 

Client Benefits

  • Each engagement is unique, and tailored to the needs of the individual I am asked to support.
  • I provide judgement-free feedback and use real-world, practical examples of success and failure to drive home opportunities for improvement, learning, and self-realization.
  • I am recognized in the industry as someone who fixes problems, and I can often provide a unique or out-of-the-box perspective on how to approach a business challenge.
  • I have a deep network and can often connect individuals with others in the industry to help them gain an additional perspective that may be needed.
  • Modest fees, no-risk contract that allows you to exit the engagement at any time.


Lou Brady, Chief Executive Officer of Family Health Center of Worcester, shares his experience working with Rob Rioux, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of 330Talent.
Safe/Space Advisory accepts limited engagements.
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