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Email Notification of Available Talent Every other Tuesday Within hours of our interview
Number of Candidates Limited to 5 each email All candidates we Interview
24/7 Access to “The Motherlode” Not available Included with Membership
Cost of Membership FREE $350 per month
Cost to Hire $9,500 per candidate $7,500 per candidate
TalentKeeper Program Not available Exclusive access
TalentBox Not available Included with Membership
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TalentFlash is our free email subscription service containing profiles of five high-quality FQHC candidates. From CEOs to front-desk managers and every title in-between, TalentFlash delivers five candidates to your inbox every other Tuesday.

TalentFlash is designed to solve a real problem for health centers everywhere. We all know that resources are limited and that health center employees often have to wear more than one hat. That is especially true in Human Resources. Often, the HR Director must manage many different aspects of the business including compensation and benefits, employee relations, training, and hiring. Human resources departments are stretched thin and do not always have the capacity to manage the recruiting function as well as they would like. This is where TalentFlash can help.

Our goal is to make the sourcing of talent a little less problematic for health centers. Every two-weeks TalentFlash shows up in your inbox with the profiles of five thoroughly vetted and accomplished FQHC professionals. If someone piques your interest, you simply let us know and we provide more information on that candidate for you to review. It’s that simple.

My team and I interview many candidates each week. Because we all come from the FQHC world, with years of experience in individual contributor and C-suite leadership roles, we know what questions to ask, how to probe further, and can quickly identify the strengths of all our candidates.

If you like one of our candidates, we work with you to arrange the first interview and provide the information you need to make a hiring decision. If after the first interview you elect to pursue the candidate further, we turn the rest of the hiring process over to you. As a result of placing more control over the hiring process into your hands, the fees you pay are significantly less than what you would normally pay.

The fee for hiring a TalentFlash candidate is a flat-fee of $9,500 regardless of position or salary.

What is TalentFlash Advantage?

With our no-cost version of TalentFlash, you receive an email twice a month with profiles of five high quality FQHC candidates that we select based on their skills and desirability within the industry.

However, we interview a lot more than five candidates during a two-week period. We often interview five candidates in one day! Why wait two-weeks to see only five candidates? Now, you don’t have to.

With TalentFlash Advantage, you get to see all candidate profiles within hours of our completed interview. This means you see every profile for every candidate we interview that we feel meets our minimum standards to be considered “high- quality” FQHC candidates. Not only that, with TalentFlash Advantage you get 24/7 access to “The Motherlode”, our database of candidate profiles so you can look for high-quality FQHC talent any time you want.

TalentFlash Advantage is a transformative fee-based membership service designed to make finding talent easier and more affordable.

With TalentFlash Advantage you get:

  1. Immediate access to candidate profiles that helps you reduce your time to hire and saves you money. The sooner you find out about potential candidates, the sooner you can interview them.
  2. A competitive advantage over other health centers who do not participate in TalentFlash Advantage. Quality talent is in demand – be the first health center to contact and engage with candidates. Beat your competition to the punch by having access to high quality talent before they do.
  3. Exclusive 24/7 access to “The Motherlode”, our database of candidate profiles – search for candidates whenever you want. Believe us, you’ll want access to “The Motherlode” (it’s the secret weapon of recruiting).
  4. A reduced fee in the event you hire one of our TalentFlash Advantage The standard fee for a TalentFlash hire is $9,500 regardless of salary or position, but with TalentFlash Advantage your fee is reduced to $7,500, a 21% reduction and a $2,000 savings.
  5. Exclusive access to TalentKeeper, our program designed to share strategies and tactics to retain your talent. Only TalentFlash Advantage members have access to this valuable program.
  6. TalentBox, a “surprise” collection of workforce development items and gifts just for you delivered twice a year.

As one health center CEO recently stated, “It’s like employing a full-time recruiter for only $350 a month.”

The Key Advantage

See a profile on every candidate that comes through our door. Imagine having visibility to high-quality FQHC talent as soon as they become available. Think about what this could mean for your health center as you try to fill open positions, or plan for known departures, departmental re-organizations, or growth opportunities.

Don’t forget – traditional recruiting firms charge you anywhere from 25% to 30% of a one-year salary. On a $100,000 position, your fee is at least $25,000.  With 330Talent and our innovative TalentFlash Advantage program, you save a lot of money, see every candidate we interview, and know you are getting high-quality FQHC talent. Start getting the TalentFlash Advantage today!