What is TalentFlash Advantage?

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  1. You agree to become a TalentFlash Advantage member and to participate in all the benefits associated with membership and to comply with the terms outlined in this agreement.
  2. This agreement is between your company and 330Talent, LLC for services related to sourcing and presenting talent for employment.
  3. 330Talent sources, interviews, and conducts due diligence on FQHC candidates across the country for all positions and profiles only the candidates that meet our standards for high-quality talent.
  4. 330talent will share all profiles with you within hours of our completed interview and due diligence.
  5. If you would like to pursue a candidate, you indicate your interest in the candidate by clicking on the appropriate link.
  6. 330Talent will provide you with the candidate’s resume, our FQHC Readiness Assessment score, and any additional supporting material for the candidate you requested.
  7. You determine the viability of the candidate for your open position or need; if a candidate presented by 330Talent has already applied for the position offered, you will notify us within 48 hours and there will be no further obligation required of either party;
  8. Should you determine that you would like to pursue this candidate further, 330Talent will work with you to arrange for the initial interview.
  9. After you complete the initial interview, the remainder of the hiring process including the negotiation of salary, employment terms, and background checks are managed by you and your team at the health center.
  10. Membership is based on calendar months. You may withdraw your membership at any time. Access to candidate profiles will terminate within 24 hours of withdrawal.  Any candidates submitted by us for your consideration prior to withdrawal and subsequently offered employment will remain in effect for recruiting services rendered;
  11. The membership fee is $350 per month and will be billed approximately the same day of every month until membership is withdrawn. Membership may be withdrawn at any time. Membership fees are not prorated and a withdrawal does not entitle the member to a return of any portion of the monthly membership fee.
  12. In consideration for our services, you agree to the following conditions:
    1. You will keep us apprised of your hiring progress with the candidate;
    2. Once an offer is accepted, you will notify us and an invoice will be generated.
    3. As a TalentFlash Advantage Member, the fee for any candidate is a flat fee of $7,500 regardless of first-year salary or compensation package; payment terms are NET 30.
    4. There is a limited 30-day guarantee period on a candidate. If candidate does not present or is terminated for cause prior to 30 days of full employment, 330Talent will source and provide a replacement candidate, satisfactory to the client, within 90 days. If 330Talent is unable to fulfill this obligation, all monies paid will be returned. Payment for services is not impacted by layoff, termination other than cause, elimination of the position, change in reporting structure or change in compensation.