What is TalentFlash Advantage?

330TalentFlash Advantage delivers “pre-qualified” FQHC talent to your email inbox every Friday.

Become a 330TalentFlash Advantage member and get:

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  • Priority Access

    Find out about available candidates faster. Reduce your time to hire and save money. The sooner you find out about potential candidates, the sooner you can interview them.

  • A Competitive Advantage

    Beat your competition to the talent. Quality talent is in demand. Be the first health center in your market to contact and engage with candidates.

  • Additional Savings

    Get 15% off all 330Talent products and services including recruiting services. This means as a member you save an additional $2,175 off of our flat-fee of $14,500 for recruiting services.

  • Staff Retention Strategies

    Gain exclusive access to TalentKeeper, our program deigned to share strategies and tactics to help you retain your talent. Only TalentFlash Advantage members have access to this program.

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TalentFlash Advantage is only $149 billed monthly.