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Dear Health Center Professional,

Your decision to work with a new firm is a difficult one. I completely understand. 330Talent hasn’t been in business for years, and as a result, we have a limited track record. You are sure to be asking, “Why should I work with this company?”

Please allow me to share why I started this firm, and in doing so, provide answers to the many questions you likely have.

I come from the FQHC world having been in leadership positions for the past ten years. In fact everyone associated with my firm has FQHC experience of one kind or another. Like you, I have a great deal of passion for community health. I found this industry later in life, and was never more satisfied with work.

After 10 years in leadership roles in community health, I decided to address a problem all FQHCs share.

Not long ago, I was reviewing our financials and was startled to see that we had spent nearly $280,000 in recruitment fees during our fiscal year. I immediately thought of all the programs we could have supported, or the raises we could have given, or the new care coordination positions we could have funded. It bothered me… a lot.

The reason it bothered me was because I know the recruiting industry. Prior to transitioning to community health I ran an executive search firm. I felt that the search firms we were using were still applying traditional “old school” methods and weren’t truly aware of the complexities and funding constraints of community health. They were charging fees based on annual salary – and that’s a lot of money to organizations trying to survive financially year over year. I knew there had to be a better way.

Prior to starting this firm, I spent months thinking through the issues we all face in community health. Issues like how to maintain our ability to serve while facing uncertain funding from Medicaid and from HRSA. Issues like the constant drumbeat of provider shortages. Issues like the increased pressure on compensation and benefit design. Issues like TJC audits, OSV audits, and increases in uncompensated care costs.

I figured out a way to design this company specifically for FQHCs. Our model is new, it’s transformational, and it takes into account the limited resources FQHCs have. I know every dollar saved is a dollar that can be redirected into patient care. I know that as stewards of the public trust we all have an obligation to be financially prudent.

The traditional recruiting firms, many of whom I have used numerous times, all do good work. But they also charge a significant amount of money to source and deliver talent to you. I believe there’s a better model.

My model is a hybrid. My firm does a great job at identifying FQHC talent all across the country. We know who to talk to and we hear what is happening in all corners of community health. When we engage with a candidate, we do a deep-dive on their experience and skill-set. Because we have all been in this industry we know the questions to ask and, more importantly, the follow-up questions to ask.

We put each of our candidates through a proprietary FQHC Readiness Assessment – a tool we designed and exclusive to us – which gives us a numerical value that we can use to rank candidates in different areas. No one else offers a tool like this.

We work with health centers like yours and put forward candidates we believe have a high likelihood of meeting your requirements. We set up the initial interview and then turn the balance of the hiring process over to you. As a result, we can charge a flat-fee for our service, not tied to salary. This saves your health center an extraordinarily large sum of money that you can redirect to other things like programs, positions, raises – whatever you want.

I fell in love with this industry. I continue to believe it is the best kept secret in healthcare. I want to do my part in helping health centers bring high-quality talent into the industry.

I hope you are willing to give me and my team the opportunity to serve your hiring needs. I can promise no one will understand you better or work harder for you.

With sincere gratitude,


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